Analog and Digital RF Components

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2019
Language of instructionGerman
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This lecture begins with the scientific consideration of system architectures in the high-frequency range, with its focus on traffic engineering solutions; these are analog and digital (mobile) communication systems, radar systems, as well as navigation systems. The main focus of this lecture lies in the discussion of key components necessary in these systems. The basics of high frequency semi-conductor electronics will be discussed and two-port devices for power generation, detection and processing of high frequency signals will be presented. Heterostructures can essentially widen the range of applications for high frequency semi-conducturs and are therefore subject of this lecture. Finally, attention will be given to characteristics and fields of application of state-of-the-art heterostructure transistors.


Dates in summer term 2019

Fr 26.04.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 03.05.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise
Fr 10.05.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 17.05.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise
Fr 24.05.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 31.05.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise
Fr 07.06.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 14.06.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise
Fr 21.06.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 28.06.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise
Fr 05.07.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 12.07.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise
Fr 19.07.2019 08:15-10:30 Lecture
Fr 26.07.2019 08:15-10:30 Exercise